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No cigar [Pennybridge pioneers]
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Pennybridge pioneers
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Millencolin - No Cigar.

I don’t think contrast is a sin.

Like most people my age I have extremely fond memories of playing the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game series. Pretty much throughout all of High School I spent an absurd amount of time pretending to skateboard in front of the TV, watching Tony Hawk(who I always chose because I figured he was pretty much the Ryu of the game) and making him do absurd tricks and stunts that can never happen in real life because the game has ridiculous physics.

So many songs that appeared on the soundtracks to these games bring me back to this time. None more so than “No Cigar”. It makes me think of coming home from school and playing THPS2 on my PS1, and not caring that this was the only thing I wanted to do with my free time. If I try to play one of these games now it just feels wrong. They feel slow and clunky, and they don’t hold my attention for long. They still belong to High School.

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