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Don't Save Us From The Flames
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Before The Dawn Heals Us
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Hi, my name is Annie and you can find me at I’m 24 and I blog because I’ve been blogging for close to ten years, if not longer. I’m one of those kids, like most of us I guess, that has had an internet presence pretty much since early adolesence - starting with Livejournal and personal sites; now onto Tumblr, Wordpress blogs & RSS feeds.

Two summers ago, a friend and I, frustrated with the frat-boy nature of existing social bike rides in Columbus (where I live), started a all-women’s social bike ride on Sunday nights. It wasn’t always easy but it was always fun and ultimately, one of the things I’m proudest of that I’ve done. We didn’t always have a lot of riders, but some weeks, we’d take over the streets with 20 or 30 women, riding together, talking, relating, having fun. I had a portable MP3 player that I would usually stash in my bag to give the rides a soundtrack. The joy of a Columbus summer is close to unmatched - if you live near Ohio State, which most of us “bike” “alternative” types do, campus empties out and the streets are ours for the taking. The weather is beautiful, campus is a ghost town and sometimes there is summer rain so sweet you can taste it on your lips after a long, sweaty ride.

"Don’t Save Us from the Flames" by M83 is one of my favorite summer in Columbus, riding my bike songs.  It reminds me of this day, and this picture:

Would you ever guess that that’s a bike path in the middle of a major city?

Me either. But there it is, and it and this song is proof that bicycling will take you far beyond what walking or a car ever will. Bicycling is the ultimate way to become familiar with a city. Even though I’ve lived here my life, I never would have gotten to know this city the way I do without the past 4 years of relying on a bicycle for my primary form of transportation.  Having a soundtrack really just puts the joy of cycling, transporting yourself with your body over the top.

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