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Milo Goes to College
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Descendents - Catalina

Hello! My name is Ryan and I suppose I am doing this Song Journal thing for the month of April which is kind of exciting!

Anyway, I decided the Descendents would be a good pick for my first song. There hasn’t been a band that has been so consistently in my life outside of The Descendents(although Devo and The Specials come close). In fact, one of my most memorable purchases was Milo Goes to College when I was 15. I still remember walking up to the counter of the local Coconuts(which closed this month) with a bunch of ska, pop punk, and “emo” CDs that I have saved up for. The guy at the counter basically forced me to buy Milo Goes to College after I told him I have never heard the Descendents.

I wish I could thank that person a million times. Before the Descendents, I loved punk and what not but I never connected with a band as well as I did them. Just everything about that album. It was aggressive, fast, loud, but written by someone who I felt like I knew my whole life. I mean it literally just sounded like someone channeled all my outcasty rage and condensed it in to 22 minutes. My 15 year old, awkward, comic book reading, nerdy self just really connected to this more than anything I have ever heard before.

Needless to say, I went out and bought all the rest of their albums pretty quickly. When I started collecting vinyl a couple years later, they were some of my first purchases. I ran in to Milo once in Newark, DE visiting my friend who went to school there. It was a super awesome experience.

I’m 22 now, very soon to be 23. The Descendents are just as important to me now then they were then.

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